This is going to be an exciting year for Odyssey of the Mind in Virginia!  One program; Six problems; Two platforms!

The 2019-2020 Odyssey of the Mind Virtual World Finals was a huge success!  Fifty-three Virginia teams competed and represented VA extremely well! Three of our teams competed in the primary division.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing and safety guidelines, Odyssey of the Mind is offering both Traditional and Virtual Memberships!  Having both of these options gives everyone the opportunity to use their creativity problem solving skills. Teams from either membership type will solve the same problems with the same clarifications. Every team is guaranteed an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity in an official Odyssey of the Mind tournament. Teams will be able to advance in competition and could ultimately earn their way to the World Finals or Virtual World Finals!
Go to to see the six of 2020-2021 Long-Term Problems and to register for your memberships.  This year’s problems and program rules are designed to be virtual competition-friendly and can be executed along health safety guidelines for social distancing and number of persons in a gathering.    

NOTE: If Virginia schools will not permit the traditional in-person tournaments, VOICES will offer virtual tournaments only.  Based on Virginia memberships, the VOICES Board will decide to hold both Regional and State Competitions or just one Statewide Tournament.   

VOICES is busy developing training materials for program coordinators, coaches, and judges as well as making preparations for our virtual tournaments. 
Good luck, stay safe, stay creative, and have fun!!

David Tsuda
Director, Virginia Association
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