2019 | 2020

Virginia on the World Finals Stage:

Top 10 places: VA placed 12 teams (36%)
Top 11-20 places: VA placed 9 teams (27%)
Top 21-30 places: VA placed 12 teams (36%)

Runatra Fusca Award Winner – Belmont Ridge MS, Ashburn VA

Opposites Distract Division II
This team’s use of cardboard in its representation of the Sneaky Character was an innovative use of the material.  The character was a broken and then functioning clock made of connected cardboard gears. The Clock wanted to stop time because she could no longer go forward. When she was outed as the Sneaky Character, the Past and the Future came together to replace her missing cardboard gear.  They also presented her with new ideas in the form of cardboard lightbulbs with metal bases that when connected caused her metal hat made from a decorated tent to light up and spin at increasing speeds with each new idea.

The Top 5 finishers in any Problem Category:

Loudoun Valley HS, 1st place Problem 2 Division III
Glebe ES A, 4th place Problem 2 Division I
Chesterbrook ES, 6th place Problem 2 Division I
Harmony MS, 5th place Problem 3 Division 2
University of Lynchburg, 6th place Problem 3 Division 4
Cooper MS, 1st place Problem 4 Division II
Poquoson MS, 4th place Problem 4 Division 2
Virginia Tech, 4th place Problem 5 Division 4