Dear AD’s, IPC’s, and Friends,


As you might have imagined and expected, we will be moving World Finals from campus to the virtual world. We understand that there are stay-at-home directives in many places, including New Jersey, and we are not asking for teams to ignore or go against those orders or any others where health is placed at any risk. Please don’t make this public until we are able to announce to the teams tomorrow at noon east coast time.


We are going to do our best to have an event to recognize the hard work the teams have done. We understand and recognize that most teams don’t have access to their props. Finally, we recognize that people are not to congregate until further notice.


However, we also recognize that Odyssey of the Mind is about creative problem solving. A large number of teams have shown their desire to compete in a World Finals and with current technology they can. Any discussion between CCI and Associations is mute as far as asking you to host an event. If you are able to do so, great, if not, that’s understood and accepted.


Many teams already have video of their performance either in practice or at a competition. They can submit these and if they are able, replace them with new ones if parameters allow. We will accept any continual video even if it’s a recording of a tool like Zoom where the team members are at their respective homes. They will be judged on their solution, not the quality of the video.


Some have asked that we do nothing. Others have asked that we extend into the summer. We’re not going to do nothing unless we have to cancel because of health or other reasons. We don’t want to extend but will depending on the situation as time goes on. Remember, this is still March. Teams that don’t have access to their props might find it a good use of their time at home recreating them with whatever they have. The rules and the registration are going to be made public on Wednesday, April 1st. There will be people excited that it’s on and people angry that it’s on. Please, if you have suggestions on how to make it the best possible event under the circumstances, share them with us. These kids have worked hard. It’s not their fault they can’t go to an in person tournament.


Everything we do to announce the virtual World Finals will lead and/or have a heavy emphasis on health, safety, and following recommendations from health officials. Again, we’ll see what happens as time goes by. As of now, we choose to be optimistic and hopeful.


Thank you for your continued support. Please reassure anyone who contacts you that we WILL NEVER put anyone, especially youngsters, at risk.


Best wishes,


Sammy Micklus

Executive Director

Odyssey of the Mind