On behalf of the VOICES organization, I greatly appreciate all the coaches and their team members for conceiving your creative solutions, producing and improving your sets, skits, props, costumes, and practicing spontaneous problems. I requested the Pressroom post the complete raw and normalized scores, and the number of countries that participated.

At the World Finals, the top 6 teams from each Problem and Division are recognized. We saw many teams from China and Poland receive awards. Other teams from Switzerland, India, Japan, Russia, and Singapore also placed.

I am proud to recognize the following VOICES teams that received awards.

  • Problem 3 Div 2: 3rd place Tabb Middle School, Yorktown
  • Problem 4 Div 1: 6th place Sangster Elementary School Team A, Springfield
  • Problem 4 Div 1: 5th place Discovery Elementary School, Ashburn
  • Problem 4 Div 2: 2nd place Lake Braddock Secondary School, Springfield
  • Problem 5 Div 1: 3rd place Patrick Henry Elementary School Team A, Martinsville
  • Problem 5 Div 2: 1st Place Harmony Middle School, Hamilton

David Tsuda
Director, VA Association