CCI created and released Odyssey Passport to assist coaches with planning. Your feedback is welcomed.

Coaches will find Odyssey Passport under “Downloads” in the “Members Area’.

The Odyssey Passport” is an interactive planner/guide to help new and seasoned teams and coaches navigate our program in 10 Phases, from the first meeting to competition.

If you think about a monthly or weekly planner, the Passport is set up in a similar way.  It begins with the team’s information, the contact information from HQ to Regional level, the member and parent/guardian contact information, a general timeline, and a spot for the coach/team to fill in their own competition information. Then, there is a breakdown of the Long-Term (LT) Problem, Style, and Spontaneous.  After the LT breakdown, each turn of the page brings teams to a new “phase” and each phase brings a general explanation of what the team should accomplish in the phase, as well as suggested tasks for the teams to work on outside of the meeting and links (both hyperlinks and QR codes) to relevant resources for that phase.

Note: Odyssey Passport does not replace the Program Guide. The Passport is not the only way to solve a problem; it is a suggested guide for anyone who is brand new to our program or for those coaches that need a lot of direction.”